Heart of Gold: Gold Star or Heartless?

by Hans Engel ’23 and Christian Durny ’23

Our decision to go to Heart of Gold was not one of immense planning. We looked at Google reviews as one does and came across this little-known place right on Loraine. Inspired by a good looking picture of a burger, we settled on it and traveled all of .3 miles to our next review. From the outside, Heart of Gold gives off the typical aura of the Ohio City establishment. We were worried at first that we picked a more drink-oriented establishment, but we were met with good service and an appetizing menu.

Heart of Gold is relatively expensive. Its menu is short but provides viable options to even the most picky of eaters. Feeling like some comfort food, we ordered their chicken sandwich and some burgers. For some reason, my chicken sandwich was on special, so I was able to snag it for $9 while each burger was $15.

We at the Saint Ignatius Food Review feel very adamant about sides. We believe every good meal requires something else, typically fries with any sort of sandwich — a view the vast majority of Ignatius students would support. This philosophy is why we were extremely disappointed that our food didn’t come with any sides, providing our biggest complaint about the restaurant.

Here comes the good news. Our absolute favorite aspect of Heart of Gold was the taste. Almost nothing compares to the great feeling of a juicy, warm burger on a chilly fall day, but the cornerstone of my experience was that chicken sandwich. The first thing I thought of when they brought it out was they just fried an entire chicken and put it between two buns. I really appreciated the size. They could have easily cut the breast in half and made two full sandwiches, but they went the extra mile. It looked like one of those Tik-Tok creations, but it definitely wasn’t “Stunt Food”. Extremely juicy and tender, the sandwich was a perfect blend of sweet, salty, and fatty goodness. Overall, I appreciated my stay at Heart of Gold. Although it comes with imperfections, — seriously, just give me fries — I think the Ignatius student could forgo Hex or OCB and enjoy Heart of Gold in a new restaurant rotation. We give Heart of Gold a 7/10.