Second Semester Campus Changes

By: Patrick Laudolff ’24

As we are sure students are aware, 2024 will be a big year for Saint Ignatius High School as Carroll Gym is set to be demolished and replaced with a new building that will change the campus dynamic. Until everything is finished — projected for the fall of 2025 —  students will have to deal with the reality of a campus under construction. January 1st of 2024 will have a host of changes that students should note. The Eye sat down with principal Principal Anthony Fior ‘02 to get the scoop on all of the upcoming changes: 

Q: With the Library closing in the second semester, where will students be able to go for a quiet place to study? 

A: The Library will be temporarily located in the current College Counseling Office.  As this space is much smaller than the current library, we will be locating tables, chairs and study carrels in various spots throughout campus to provide students with places to study.  We are also looking at designating certain classrooms for silent study during the Activity periods.

Q: It has also been rumored that college counseling, the athletic office, and counseling services will be moved out of the basement of the Main Building. Where will students be able to find these adults on campus?  

A: College Counseling will be temporarily located in the Chapel Basement (SPA offices); Counseling Services will occupy a mobile office unit to be located in Zivoder Garden, and Athletics will move to the Counseling Conference Room

Q: With the closure of the library comes the supposed closure of what used to be the Math Wing. What will be the fate of the Makerspace? 

A: Makerspace is temporarily relocated to the 5th floor

Q: Part of the new building will be attached to Murphy Gym. Will this affect students’ ability to use Murphy during or after school for the upcoming semester? 

A: Murphy Gym is not affected by our renovation/construction plans

Explanatory note: Murphy Gym will not be touched during the renovation; however, the addition of a hallway from the library connected to the new building will presumably be attached to the wall adjacent to Murphy. 

Q: Carroll Gym and Classroom are set to be demolished. Will the availability of the Back Quad be affected? 

A: The Back Quad will be closed from January, 2024 through August, 2025 during the renovation/construction period.

Final reminders: Wasmer Field will remain accessible during the school day and for after school practice activity. The track, however, will not be available, and there will be no athletic competition events on Wasmer during the construction period.

While the changes will be impactful for students, the bulk of the displacement will affect teachers and other staff members at Saint Ignatius, many of whom will have temporary offices elsewhere. Arguably the greatest loss in the chaos of construction is the Library. Students will have to find a new place to study as the current College Counseling office is nowhere near the size needed to accommodate the number of students that flock to the Library during the activities period. Bringing back the system of designating classrooms for silent study for the activities period is a strategy that originated during the COVID-19 pandemic where students had to have more space to social distance. Some students, however, found sitting in the designated classrooms alone or with a few other students to be awkward, so it will be interesting to see how students adapt to the absence of the Library. 


The Eye would like to thank Dr. Fior for his help and willingness to share with the student body on how their campus experience will be impacted over the next two years.