AlleyCats rolling to states

by Parvis Kanga ‘15

The St. Ignatius bowling team has started strong this year, winning its first two matches against Central Catholic and Brecksville. With confidence at an all-time high, the team is eager to make states this year and improve on last year’s eight and two record. Senior bowler Garret Forst is especially optimistic about the team’s chances. “We have a very good chance of going to states this year,” he stated.

Garret Forst, one of the five varsity bowlers lead by Captain Gianni Schaeffer, is an accurate representation of the bowling team’s general attitude. Drinking blueberry coffee while he bowls, Garrett is always very calm and relaxed, as are his other team mates. This is partly due to the strong sense of solidarity that has developed amongst the bowlers over the years.

Unfortunately, the bowling team is not very well known, and few people actually come to watch the matches. They compete nearly every week on saturdays at either Buckeye Lanes or Cloverleaf Lanes. Competitions are often very exciting and competitive, and the casual spectator will find accommodations at both bowling locations to be quite sufficient.

In light of this, Garret remains optimistic and encourages others to come and watch the games. “Its a very exciting environment,” he stated, “and we really would appreciate it if people came and supported us.”