Through Conversation and Performance, Saint Ignatius students receive wisdom from Rory O’Malley ‘99

Rory O'Malley '99 meets with students from Ignatian Alliance.

by Jackson Kenny ’26

On January 11, 2023, I managed to find myself on a bus with a select group of eager Saint Ignatius students who, I’m convinced, were more enthusiastic about a school-related event than they had been about any event in quite some time. Cheers of anticipation and sporadic bursts into song were practically all that could be heard as the bus moved towards its destination.                                                                                

All of this excitement was not without good reason, however, as we were en route to see the National Tour of Hamilton at Playhouse Square, starring Rory O’Malley ‘99 as King George III. Simply put, the show, in all that is said about it, is truly one of the finest theatrical experiences ever crafted. This article isn’t specifically about the quality of the performance itself, but I cannot help but gush. I spoke to many Harlequins involved in both theatrical performance and design during intermission and after the show, and all the students left the KeyBank State Theatre with renewed inspiration to create bold and inspiring theatrical work at Ignatius’s own Breen Center for the Performing Arts.

However, the thrill did not stop there for members of both the Harlequins and Ignatian Alliance as Mr. O’Malley visited campus on Thursday, January 19, to speak with the groups in person. In the conversations, Mr. O’Malley discussed his activism work for Broadway Impact, an organization that gathers support in the theater community for marriage equality; what his life looks like as a professional actor; and what motivates him to stay involved with Saint Ignatius programs such as the Harlequins.

Rory O’Malley’s return to Saint Ignatius High School will be remembered as an inspiring day for all who had the privilege of experiencing it.

Rory O’Malley ’99 speaks with students in the Harlequins on the stage of the Breen Center.