Eye Want You!

By The Eye Staff

Another year has come and gone, but The Eye, the #1 student newspaper at Saint Ignatius, continues. And that means it’s time for recruiting! The Eye is looking for writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers, artists, and so much more! If you can name it, we want it! Everyone is encouraged to join us and bring their unique voice to the team. Complete this Google Form to join The Eye!

In addition to our core team, The Eye wants people who aren’t part of The Eye to be able to contribute as well! Have an idea for an article you want to write? Have an idea for an article you don’t want to write? Then you’ve come to the right place! We want students to show off their “thing” to the school and to voice their unique perspectives. Please feel free to submit any articles or ideas you have to this form!

The Eye is also looking to expand its involvement with other groups on campus. If you’re a club moderator and are interested in having your club work with The Eye, please contact us at [email protected]!