Student Senate Statement: Pallaki, Mielke

Men of Ignatius,

We would like to begin by thanking all of you who took the initiative, and the minute out of your day, to cast your vote. Also, we would like to congratulate the slate of Stephen Zupan and Brock Yoho on advancing into the next round, and wish them luck for Tuesday’s election.  We would like to commend Carter Spearry and Paul Warns on their well-run campaign and hard work this past week.

For this coming election on Tuesday, which will determine the student body president and vice president for the upcoming year, we would like to stress a couple of ideas that we hope to embody when in office. As we mentioned in our speech and impromptu response, we hope to bring in a new age of student involvement. We feel that Senate is meant to be of service to you, the students, and to the entire school community, as a result, your input is much appreciated in helping us with the events that we run. That is why we want to set up a suggestion box to facilitate this conversation between the Student Senate and the student body.

Next, we want to emphasize that we are the right men for the job. Both of us, through our past senate experience have a strong understanding of what leading Senate will be like, and know the work that goes into each of the events. We are ready and willing to do this work, and put forth our best effort in all that we do this coming year. Rather than taking this position and sitting idly by, we, as men of action, are planning on applying ourselves with firm dedication in getting the job done.

The final thing, we would like to focus on, is that we are here as a team. We hope to use each other’s skills to the fullest in all that we do for you. Our teamwork, and interest in what is best for this school, is why we are confident that we can honestly represent each and every one of you next year.

Again, we want to thank you for your support on Friday, with all the votes cast, and we hope you continue to show your dedication to a voice in student government. We hope that you keep in mind, the dedication that we have to this school as a whole, and the willingness we have to working hard in order to make this school the best that it can be for each and every one of us.

Finally, don’t forget to get out there during your lunch period and vote Pallaki-Mielke. We are qualified individuals and know what it will take to lead this great community. Let us represent you for this coming year, because we plan to work the hardest and strive to achieve the best for this incredible school.  Thank you for your time.


Mitchell Pallaki and Gabe Mielke