Coffee House 2015 ultimately a success

By Sam Royer ’15

It was a night filled magic tricks, jam sessions, and romantic advice from the Love Guru himself.

Senior Connor Rechin wows the crowd with his magic tricks.

The second annual Coffee House was a success, and proof that the students of Saint Ignatius High School can do more than produce eleven state championships for football.

With Kevin Gross ‘15 as the MC, the event kicked off with a series of solo numbers by Carl Jakubowski ‘15. With his guitar in hand, Carl successfully tackled songs like Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” and Green Day’s “Time of Your Life.

Followed by Carl, seniors Mike Berry and Charlie Zimmerman took the stand to read “original” poetry.

Next came the always outstanding advice from The Eye’s own Love Guru, Liam Garven ‘15. Garven, who proved to be quick on his feet, accepted questions from the audience and was prompted to explain if the “DM Dive” could be effective when attempting to woo a lady. Garven said the dive “starts the relationship with a bit of a spark,” but that it “has to be bold but not too rash.”

Between Garven and the next act, Magnificat student Bridget Smith took the stage with a rolled up poster board, proceeding to ask boyfriend Kevin Gross ‘15 to attend Magnificat Prom with her (he said yes).

Patrick Millican ’15 playing “Hot Cross Buns” on his recorder

Following the grand prom-posal, John Ortega ‘16 took his turn at the mic, delivering his interpretation of Denzel Washington’s 2011 University of Pennsylvania commencement speech. Ortega gave the speech with great ease and confidence.

To provide the show with a bit of magic, Connor Rechin ‘15 took the stage. Performing three different magic tricks with two assistants he picked from the audience, Rechin wowed the crowd, becoming a clear evening favorite.

After Rechin’s magical performance, Ignatius band Homemade Mashed Potatoes, Biscuits, and Cream played a set of four songs, including a cover of Young the Giant’s “Cough Syrup” and their original song “Flashlight.” The band, talented both in their guitar playing and vocals, consisted of John Bryden ‘18, Brock Hausmann ‘18, and lead singer Michael FitzGerald ‘18.

Homemade Mashed Potatoes, Biscuits, and Cream performs. The band features freshmen John Bryden, Brock Hausmann, and Michael FitzGerald

A highlight of the night was senior Patrick Millican’s rendition of “Hot Cross Buns” on his recorder. Millican prefaced his performance with a shoutout to fellow seniors Charlie Zimmerman and Connor Rechin, who had allegedly told Millican they could accompany him on stage. “I honestly don’t even own a recorder,” Zimmerman later admitted.

Following a spontaneous performance of “Call Me Maybe” from a Magnificat student, and sophomore Vinny Camma’s Matt Barr cover, the evening closed with a much anticipated performance from Pending Generation, featuring Liam Garven ‘15 and Rex Larkman ‘15. The band, which formed before the students began at Ignatius, reunited to sing their famous original song “Love is Just a Word,” as well as a few covers.

With the combination of the performances and the free coffee and cookies, the show brought smiles to the audience and performers alike.