Acquisition of new properties creates opportunities for growth

These buildings were acquired by the school and will play a role in future planning. The building on the left will become a new Labre kitchen and wrestling facility, while the church on the right may play one of several potential roles.

by Cole Brownsberger ’14

New wrestling facility and a home for Labre will be ready for next school year, President Murphy says.

Saint Ignatius is slowly expanding, and there have been several new plans to expand our campus. I had the privilege to sit down with Father Murphy and discuss this recent news. He revealed that Ignatius has new plans for the property on Carroll Ave. and W 32nd Street, referred to as the “Foursquare Property”. He also revealed that Saint Ignatius purchased the “Global Finance” building next to Wendy’s.

There had been rumor going around that Ignatius  purchased a church, but most students did not know why or where. The church is formerly known as the Foursquare Church , and it sits on the property on the corner of Carroll Avenue. and W 32nd street along with three other buildings and a little garage. These buildings are a part of an Ohio City Historical District, which favors renovation over demolition. . Father Murphy says, “Renovation can be a long process, and these buildings are in pretty bad shape.”

Only two buildings have immediate plans for renovation, and so far there are no plans for the Foursquare Church. The house next to the church, after renovation, will accommodate and house the new alumni volunteers. The large building next to the house, which was formerly the Church hall, is being transformed into a new wrestling facility. The building has two sections and two floors. The back half of the building is going to be the wrestling center, and the front portion will be house a kitchen and pantry.  The new kitchen will be the home base for the Sunday night Labre ministry meal preparation. . The second floor will contain classroom space and storage space for Labre.  . This building is already under construction The renovation of the wrestling center is supported by generous benefactors from the Ignatius wrestling alumni community. Their names will be revealed when renovation is complete. The renovation of these two buildings will be completed by July 1st, and they will be in use next school year. As for the little garage, the city has given permission for Ignatius to knock it down due to its deteriorated condition. The demolition of the garage will allow for additional and improved parking for school and staff vehicles.

With all of the renovation being done on the Foursquare Property, the Global Finance Building  won’t undergo any construction yet. Purchased in December of 2012, The Global Financial Corporation will continue to lease the building until mid-summer.  Rumors did circulate that this building would be used to accommodate the bookstore. The idea arose earlier this year after the bookstore management was changed. Mrs. Spearry, the new bookstore manager, has brought enthusiasm to the store and has really transformed its image. It has been her goal to move the store out of the school and into a building around campus. However, this idea remains one of many and there are no plans to renovate the building.   The Board of Regents continues to discuss plans for this building, along with the Foursquare Church. Ideas about a new stadium and a parking garage have also been discussed.   as part of a Board-directed campus planning process. The planning process should conclude this spring. The Board will then endorse a comprehensive plan for further discussion with community leaders and neighbors. .

With the exciting renovations of the new property, and the possibilities of plans for the new building and the church, the Saint Ignatius community is looking forward to 2013.

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