Playlist of The Week 2.7

Fun Fact of the Day!

Saint Ignatius High School was selected to participate in the Marvel Spotlight program, a pilot program comprised of many different one acts. Saint Ignatius is performing three of them next week (!!!!) on the 18th, 19th, and 20th!

You really really really should see the shows!

Here’s your music:


  • Could You Be the One? by Alec Hartman
  • Juice by New Beat Fund
  • Good Day by Surfaces
  • Trying Soda (I Know You so Well) by Worst Party Ever
  • Caroline by The Medium
  • Scott Pilgrim V. My Gpa by Mom Jeans.
  • Curbside by I’m Glad It’s You
  • Brazil by MILKK, John Chuck & the Class
  • Turtle by Ahead of Ourselves
  • Almost (Sweet Music) by Hozier
  • Eventualities by Daddy’s Beemer
  • Empty Houses by PREACHERVAN
  • Fake by Oxford Remedy
  • Masochist by Mourners
  • Bloody Nose by Bay Faction
  • Helicopters by Stop Light Observations
  • Reckless Tongue by Airways
  • Midnight Surf by The Velveteins
  • Freakin Out on the Interstate by Briston Maloney
  • Can I Call You Tonight? by Dayglow