Students in AP Studio Art trade #2 pencils for pastels and paints

by Brian Sabath ‘17

Students at Saint Ignatius High School have a unique and challenging opportunity to earn college credit in Studio Art. However AP Studio Art isn’t for the artistically lacking student. This rigorous course is recommended for those who are highly interested in the professional careers in art.

Most AP courses offered at St. Ignatius conclude with an exam containing a multiple-choice, free response, and sometimes an audio section. In AP Studio Art, the students need to turn in an extensive art portfolio portfolio. The portfolio is graded according to the following three categories: quality, concentration, and breadth.

“It’s a very demanding course in which the students have to create about 24 pieces of artwork, depending on the portfolio they chose to create,” said Ms. Burrows, the current AP Art teacher at Ignatius.

AP Studio Art contains three different courses in one, including 2D Design, 3D Design, and AP Drawing. The AP Studio Art course teaches students that not only is art an ongoing process, but that it requires informed decision making. Students learn technical skills and the functions of visual art. Students are encouraged to contribute creatively and critically to their culture of art.

All students interested in AP Studio Art at St. Ignatius need to have taken two Visual Arts courses, and must be approved by the Fine Arts Department. Students who have graduated this course have gone on to major in fine art, architecture, and art history.

Most importantly, you can get a step ahead on your college career.

“[Students] can achieve college credit for their foundation courses for when they get to school,” Ms. Burrows said. “Generally the schools accept a 3-5 score.”

But AP Studio Art usually isn’t the end of the road for the art-obsessed students who take the course.

“AP Studio Art is for the individual who wants to pursue art as a career or major in college,” Ms. Burrows said.