Saint Ignatius Locker Poll

by Kelly Coleman ’23

In the latest edition of The Eye, we sent out a poll asking the student body about lockers and their usefulness. Today, we are here to share the results with you. They are as follows:

I guess size really doesn’t matter


At the end of the survey, we asked students to share any additional thoughts on their lockers with us. Overwhelmingly, these responses reconfirmed the results of the other questions: most students rarely, if ever, use their lockers. Most cited their locker’s inconvenient location or the switch from nine periods a day to only four as reasons for their neglect. Others said that having a car to store things in made lockers obsolete. Buried among the piles of rejection, however, were a few desperate pleas to be heard. All one student could muster to say was:

I use it everyday please don't eliminate them.

Another simply put:

Don't eliminate I need space for sports

We received many other responses that all expressed the same sentiment: we rely on lockers. It seems that, despite general indifference, lockers retain a dedicated and fervent following among some in the student body. As the administration reconsiders the use of lockers in the coming years, who knows what might happen? Maybe lockers will be phased out, or perhaps reduced in number and switched to an apply-to-have system. One thing remains true: the administration always wants to hear from students. Your responses to this poll or making your voice heard in the future may be the very thing that sways the future of lockers.

To send everyone off today, I would like to share one particularly insightful response that we received with you all:

I have not used ‘my own locker’ in my past 3 years at Ignatius. Every year. I have found a nice open locker on the first floor of different buildings and kept my things there. I always keep my lock in my bookbag, so I can just throw my things in my locker and lock it up for as long as I need. The ‘most convenient’ locker spot I’ve been assigned was on the third floor of the main building. What a great spot! I used a locker on the first floor of Loyola that entire year. I used to keep a lot of my text books that had digital versions in the lockers that were open closest to the teacher’s classrooms, so that I could leave it there and not lose it at home. Lockers at Ignatius are a great thing!