Club Feature: SIEntA

by Young Kim ’23 & Seth Wojnar ’23

You may have seen the stand at the extracurricular fair or heard the name called over the announcements, but you may still not know much about the Saint Ignatius Entrepreneurship Academy, or SIEntA for short. Moderated by economics teacher Mr. Hess ‘88, SIEntA meets every Friday during formation period in Loyola Hall Room 328. Hear from experienced entrepreneurs including Mr. Hess himself and other special guests about topics in the world of business, ranging from the art of creating a business from the ground up to finance, the stock market and investing strategies, current events, and the study of economics.

No matter your interest, SIEntA has opportunities that will appeal to you. If you are an investor, you will be delighted to hear about our ongoing $100,000 virtual stock market competition in which you can test your investing skills and expertise for real cash prizes. If investing isn’t one of your interests, there are still many opportunities in other areas in the business world. For example, you might have more of an entrepreneurial spirit, and creating your own company and being your own boss sound more like the career path for you. If so, you might have a great idea for a new business or you might be already running a business of your own. To serve these interests, SIEntA offers an annual shark tank competition in May in which you can compete against other students to win real cash prizes!

These are just two of the many opportunities offered by SIEntA. Beyond these, there is fully transferable college credit available if you take an end of year test through the University of Iowa. You can travel to your grade school and teach about financial topics through Mr. Hess’s AlphaJump and serve as an entrepreneurial mentor.

Get a leg up on your peers by learning about these important real world financial topics and why it’s so crucial to learn and get started early. We are always open to new members, so feel free to drop in to one of our meetings on Friday in LH328.

We can’t wait to see you there.