Speech and Debate garners more success


With an astounding eleven students being sent to the state tournament for the 2016 season, this year’s speech and debate team has thrived with academic excellence. The one-on-one assistance of Mr. Fujimoto and Mr. Buzzelli has allowed these students to continue their development as communicators and debaters throughout the progression of the season. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” This frame of mind represents the connection between the students and the teachers on the speech and debate team.

One may wonder how the Saint Ignatius speech and debate program continues their successes year after year. It is not due to the sheer talent of students, nor the masses of information that they have access to, rather it is a result of the strength in communication and teaching that the teachers share with their students.

Mr. Fujimoto and Mr. Buzzelli do not preach endlessly on topics of discussion and current events. This identity is what makes them special as coaches. They involve the students in the discussions in a liberal arts style of teaching. In addition to performing well in competitions, the speech team has developed a vital skill that they will use their entire lives. “Speaking is such an integral part of life, and the only way to get better at it is to practice,” commented Mark Drozd ’16, a knowledgeable veteran of the speech league When speaker Brian Sabath ‘17 was asked about this bond between the students and the faculty, he responded, “Mr. Fujimoto has never given up on me as a speaker and as a performer and he was always willing to take the extra liberty in making sure that I could always improve and that I would be ready for next week’s competition,” and he then elaborated and said, “He wants what’s best for everyone and the team”.

On top of that, St. Ignatius also hosted the National Qulifying Tournament and sent six people to the final rounds and two qualifed to Nationals, Jarred Meyer ‘18 in Informative Speaking and Phu Duong ‘17 in Program of Oral Intrepretation. A number of speakers finished as alternates (which also have a chance at competiting at the National Tournament), as well.

When asked about how he felt about the team’s chances at the state tournament, Phu duong ‘17 remarked “We are looking forward to making everyone proud this year.”

The Speech and Debate teams will un- doubtedly represent the blue and gold well throughout the approaching state competitions.