Pallaki gets ready to follow honorable Mulach presidency

By Sam Royer ‘15

This week marks the official transition from Pat Mulach ‘15 to Mitch Pallaki ‘16 as Student Body President.

Mulach admitted leading his last meeting was nostalgic, considering this Tuesday will mark the first senate meeting he won’t sit in on since he was a freshman. “We ended the meeting with the ceremonial passing of the gavel,” Mulach said.

Despite the amount of work, Mulach enjoyed his time as President this year, largely due to “the great group of guys in senate.”

“We had great leadership from top to bottom especially in our senior class. I think we really accomplished a lot this year hitting everything from the conventional events like Homecoming and Christmas Off Campus to new events like the Wildcat Wild Western Night,” Mulach said.

Pallaki knows he has big shoes to fill and has “much respect for what Pat has accomplished during his presidency.”

“From him, I have learned what it takes to lead this school, and what a good Senate president is required to do whether leading events or being an ambassador for the school. Pat will be my model for next year as I try to live up to the enthusiasm and determination that he had brought this past year,” Pallaki said.

For next year, Pallaki plans on bringing back favorites such as the Coffee House and Wild West Night, possibly with a different theme. One of his main goals is to have more events after school on campus to bring students together to have fun and support the talents of fellow classmates.

He certainly has the support of Mulach, who described Pallaki as a “super organized guy with a ton of senate experience.”

“Mitch leaves me no doubt that he’ll do a great job as President next year,” Mulach said.