Pallaki and Mielke elected as student body President and Vice President

By Sam Royer ’15

It’s official, Ignatius students have elected Mitch Pallaki ‘16 and Gabe Mielke ‘16 to serve as President and Vice President respectively of the student body for the 2015-2016 school year.

The results of this year’s election were announced near the end of ninth period today, March 31, meaning Pallaki and Mielke had beat out fellow candidates Stephen Zupan ‘16 and Brock Yoho ‘16.

For the students of Saint Ignatius, Pallaki has shared the following message:

Ignatius Students,

Gabe and I would like to thank all of you who went and voted today during their lunch periods. We would like to thank all those who supported us, and especially Stephen Zupan and Brock Yoho for their hard fought campaign.

Gabe and I are excited for this coming year, and we hope to live up to our promise of ushering in a new age of student involvement. We plan to set up the student suggestion box, and incorporate your ideas into our decisions. Our goal is to have the student body involved in the events that we run, since Senate is about service to the school and community.

We are ready to work, and make next year your best at Ignatius. Thank you again for trusting Gabe and I to lead and represent all of you. We look forward to a great year ahead of us.

Go Cats,

Mitch Pallaki