New weights, new rules

by Gabe Mielke ‘16

The remodeling and renovation of the school weight room underneath Murphy Gymnasium has finally been completed. The completion comes as a welcome relief for both athletes and health-minded students alike. As with all good things, however, there is indeed a catch.

That catch manifests itself in the form of new, more strict rules and regulations concerning student use of the weight room.

Among the new rules, the most controversial are the strict lifting times and the no-drop policy for weights. Mr. Eynon has defended both saying, “the time limits for lifting according to sport are designed to maximize the effectiveness of the workout for the athletes by increasing the ability for coaches to coach the athletes.”

In defending the no-drop policy Mr. Eynon stated: “We obviously need to take care of this incredible gift that was given to us, therefore we cannot drop weights on the floor any longer, in addition, if you can correctly perform the exercise with the weight then you should be able to safely lower the weight.”

However, not all lifting enthusiasts exactly think so. Known athlete Valiant Freeman ‘15 declared, “I know why the new rules were put into place, but the weight room just does not have the same feel that it used to.”

On the other hand, some students grudgingly accept the new rules. “Yes, the rules are different and kind of annoying, however, Mr. Eynon is completely right, we really need to take care of the room and these rules are the best way to do it,” Jack Cook ‘16 stated.

No matter your personal opinion on the matter, the effect remains. The new, state-of-the-art lifting equipment paired with the new rules work to usher in a new era of more disciplined, more serious, and thus, more effective lifting from the athletes of Saint Ignatius High School.

The New Weight Room Rules:

A coach must always be present for this room to be used. No unsupervised activity will occur in the weight room. Students who are not part of an interscholastic team may use the room when it is not being used by interscholastic student-athletes. Failure to comply with these rules will result in suspension from the weight room.


1. Drop any equipment onto the floor.

2. Use the room without proper supervision by a coach.

3. Remove anything from inside the weight room.

4. Place or rest equipment on the floor.

5. Place or rest equipment on a bench.

6. Wear spikes, cleats, or school clothes while using this room.

7. Bring any food or liquid other than water into this room.

8. Put iron grip plates on the olympic bar without first loading bumper plates.

9. Use an olympic bar for power lifts inside the rack.

10. Perform dumbbell bench without placing a spare piece of floor underneath your lifting area.

11. Drag equipment on the floor.

12. Touch sound system or other technology unless you are the strength coach or coach in charge.


1. Use this room and equipment in a respectful and safe manner.

2. Use proper and safe technique.

3. Return equipment to its proper place.

4. Wear proper athletic attire (athletic shoes, shorts or pants, shirts with sleeves).

5. Clean footwear before entering the room.

6. Use bumper plates when performing olympic lifts on the platform.

7. Secure weights on the bars with collars.

8. Use a spotter.

9. Use equipment for its intended purposes.