Seniors to be able to officially use the Wildcat card during the school day

by Sam Royer ’15

When the Wildcat card first debuted this past fall, it was announced that seniors would be given the privilege of leaving the campus during the school day to go to the various local businesses. Beginning next week, seniors will be able to officially use this privilege after bringing in a permission form that will be attached to an email set to be sent out in the coming days.

In order to leave school, students will have to sign out of school, either through the Dean of Students office or by using the free app “Kaywa.”

“Students will be able to scan a QR code when they leave school,” Senior Class President Brian Koehler ’15 said. The QR codes can be found in the atrium, by the main building doors, near Principal Bradesca’s office, or near the Dean of Students’ office.

“You can scan it, type in your student ID, and then it automatically goes to a spreadsheet saying when you signed out,” Koehler said. Students will also be required to sign in at each business and upon returning to school.

“We just really hope that seniors take advantage of the card and visit from businesses that they might not normally go to,” Koehler said.