The wisdom next door

by Anthony Ramirez ‘16

If the wisdom of the universe was in the house next door, would you notice? Well, if you haven’t noticed the Jesuit residence, the answer is no. The Jesuits are an unending source of worldly knowledge, and to think they are only a few steps away. Father Ober, a Jesuit and teacher at Saint Ignatius, decided to share some of his wisdom.

Though they may not be as easy to follow as they sound, Fr. Ober’s most important lesson he has learned from his years as a Jesuit is to “find God in all things,” and that patience is a necessary part of life. This also relates to what Fr. Ober believes is the most difficult part of the vocation “living up to the ideals all the time [and] being open minded.”

It is difficult to imagine any man could live up to all the ideals that faith pushes us to pursue, but the Jesuits are expected to be close. What would make a man want to place this much pressure on himself to live a holy life? Possibly the “excellent” pay? For Fr. Ober “the reward of being able to work with people is worth more than money.”

This is enough for many, or at least the Jesuits, to devote their lives to other people, without asking for a worldly reward.

Beside insight in the Jesuit ideologies, Fr. Ober offered two bits of advice to the students of Saint Ignatius. First, “take the spirituality program of the school seriously,” it will help you realize what life is truly about. Secondly, “find one area of study you really enjoy, hopefully even more than one.” Let this be the inspiration for continued study and development in your life.

With this much knowledge and wisdom to offer, the Jesuits are an invaluable resource. Talk to them, and find out how they view the world; it may even change the way you view it. And remember, as the Jesuits do, try to “find God in all things and in all people.”