BYOT policy a possible hindrance to learning

by Jack Seeley ‘16

The implementation of the new and improved BYOT policy this school year seeks to dramatically change the learning experience at Saint Ignatius. Although the school’s good intentions, the policy inadvertently serves to hinder learning at Ignatius; and here’s why:

1. The internet is a DISTRACTION.

Yes, this much we know. But as if it weren’t tempting enough to text, check Twitter, and play games on our phones during class, we now have devices on our desks AT ALL TIMES. But don’t worry, teachers: although we could distract ourselves from how tiresome nine Powerpoint presentations are in a row, we’re just taking notes.

2. Despite the last point, the Internet CAN help. That is, when it works.

One can only imagine how our internet manages itself with over 1400 people connected. And with this mass of students trying to connect (to learn, of course), occasional outages are bound to occur. But when this happens, our dependence on wifi cripples us.

3. Electronics, though helpful, have a battery life.

And when this battery finds itself drained of energy (much like a student), it shuts off, prohibiting any further learning.

And thus is why, much like the last 125 years of Jesuit education, we shouldn’t rely on technologies to progress, we should stick to the good ol’ method of pencil and paper.