The new Casino Club’s mission is simple: “just chill and play cards.”

by Ben Delhees ‘17

Saint Ignatius High School boasts over 100 different clubs that are open to any and all students who wish to join. Students at Ignatius are allowed to develop their own clubs based on personal or community interests. As a result, there has been a rising number of new clubs due to the innovative ideas of many students.

The Casino Club, created by junior Mitchell Ewashinka, is one of the many clubs that intend to attract great numbers of students within its first year of existence. The standout aspect of the club is its ability to cater to students’ interests. A student may come to the club and ask to play any type card game that he wishes and, as long as others that want participate, he can play it. The Casino Club is one of a kind because it can adapt to its members’ desires.

Mitchell said he created this club because he noticed that this school lacked a card game club that was fun and flexible. The club’s icon is a group of guys meeting up “to just chill and play cards”. While games may get competitive, the focus of the club is to get guys together who enjoy playing cards and relax doing a hobby that they enjoy. This club has yet to have their first actual meeting where they play cards, but they have had an informational meeting. They plan on having two meetings every month.

Mitchel Ewashinka is just one example of the creativity and innovative spirit that St. Ignatius embodies. He was able to turn his love of card games into a club for all to enjoy. Club creation also shows the freedom given to students to pursue their interests outside of the classroom.

Based on the number of new clubs at St. Ignatius High School, students are fully taking advantage of the ability to create their own clubs. Allowing students to create their own clubs and pursue their ambitions benefits both the school and its students alike.