Wild cat comes to campus

Brendan O’Donnell ‘16

A feral cat has been spotted on campus at Saint Ignatius around the chapel parking lot. The cat has frequented campus for the last two to three weeks, although the exact date of the cat’s arrival is unknown.

The feline initially appeared thin and scrawny, but now looks much healthier, which may be due to the ready availability of food on campus.

Mr. Peter Hendler, director of Plant Services, said that feral cats are nothing new at Saint Ignatius. “I’ve seen a few cats around here,” he said. “We’ve always had them.”

However, this cat is the first one that has been widely noticed by the campus community, enough to cause the school to take notice of it.

Mr. Hendler said that the school administration has no plans to impede feline access to campus.

“They’re living free and wild,” he said. “It keeps the mice population down too.”