The Chariot Races return for 2013 edition as all eyes are glued to the Mall

by John Fanta ’13

A great tradition, the Chariot Races, brings the Saint Ignatius community together at 10:20 am on Friday.

Whether the bell is ringing for class on Friday or the button is clicking on the link to watch on the Saint Ignatius Broadcasting Network, the Saint Ignatius High School Chariot Races will arrive on Friday morning to conclude Language Week festivities. The races were supposed to be held on Wednesday, but they were washed out. Mr. Joe Zebrak has the scene under his wing once again, as Wildcat Latin students will join together for a big day of racing around the arch of the mall. All eyes will be captivated as “My Little Pony” carts, wagons, garbage cans, sleds, and hand-made chariots will roll on the red brick bricks, which are still fairly new.

It is a special event every year because it brings the whole SIHS community together. From alums at dorm rooms to parents in workplaces to students at grade schools, the races keep on returning for a reason. They are very successful, having  started in the 90’s and improving steadily each year.

When looking at the field of candidates for victory, the combo of passionate juniors Jack Hyland and Pat Hopkins are a team to watch. Mike Ferry and Scott Arthrell also have a strong shot, as the senior level is filled with a plethora of candidates. Tim McVey was a front runner, but it looks like he will not participate due to Saturday’s North-South game in Dayton. Watch out for senior and avid golfer Steven Pearse, and also Jack Barendt.

Freshman Dominic Neville gave us hope a couple years ago when he made a very memorable run. Now a junior, Neville gave the  freshmen something to cheer for. Now his brother is somebody to look out for, Sean Neville.

The field is wide open, as the races roll into the Mall with special live video from the SIBN. Father Bill Murphy, SJ, Principal Bradesca, Advancement Director Mr. Morabeto, and Admissions Director Pat O’Rourke are all scheduled to come on the air with yours truly.

Whether you speak Latin or not, the Chariot Races link this community in a unique way. There aren’t many schools that can claim that the alumni following wants to know how students are doing and what’s new on campus. The power of this event cannot be counted into words.

Use the tags #ChariotRaces, @SIHSSports, @SIHSCleveland, or @JohnFanta13 to give us your crash number predictions. Tune in to the SIBN tomorrow, beginning at a little after 10 am.

The eyes will be glued and the excitement will be ever-present as only one pairing will be crowned champions. It should be a another fantastic showing of what is so special about 1911 West 30th and Lorain.