All school mass celebrates the first Jesuit Pope

Today the school participated in a mass to celebrate the official selection of the new pope, Pope Francis. The incense was strong, the mood was set, and Fr. Murphy, S.J. delivered a moving homily on the new generations of popes throughout his life and what they teach us. It was even streamed live to the internet on the SIBN.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the new pope is the fact that he is a Jesuit. Although he doesn’t have direct ties to our school, this strikes a chord with our student body. One student commented “I think it’s unique that the new pope is Jesuit and seems almost as if he was related to our school.” Another said, “It is very exciting having a South American, Jesuit pope because it really sets him apart from others.”

This mass set the stage for what looks to be a great papacy.


Photos by Jack Cotton ’14