National Winners of “Le Grand Concours”

This year Saint Ignatius High School had three students named National Winners of “Le Grand Concours” and seven students place in the top 10 in the state.  Le Grand Concours, or National French Contest, is a French event in the form of a 60 minute national examination designed, written, financed, and disseminated by the members of the American Association of Teachers of French.  Its purpose is to help stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of French and to help identify and reward achievement on the part of both students and teachers. In 2011, 99,005 students participated.

Peter Simcox, Alain Matthews, and Justin Centa are National Winners (“Lauréats nationaux”) by having placed in the top 10 of all participants nationally. Their levels, awards, and national rankings are listed below:




Level 1B (Bronze Medal):

10 Peter Simcox

Level 2B (Bronze Medal):

7 Alain Matthews

Level 4A (Bronze Medal):

8 Justin Centa

Seven students placed in the top 10 in the state and will be awarded “Lauréats du chapitre.” They are listed below by level and their state ranking:

Level 1A:

9 Owen Manning

Level 1B:

8 Peter Simcox

Level 2B:

7 Alain Matthews

Level 4A:

4 Justin Centa

8 John Coill

8 Nicholas Deeb

9 Zachary Woznak