Senior Surprise!

In a letter from Peter Corrigan, the results of the “surprise” for the seniors is as follows: (see more photos here)
“I would like to echo Rory Hennessey’s words of thanks to all who made today such a tremendous success!  Many people helped pull this off and the seniors seemed to genuinely appreciative.  Thank you for supporting the seniors and your colleagues who took the initiative to respond to a need they perceived.

Ignatius Men Forever photos by Jon Jarc

I wish that you all could have all been there when I introduced the day at 8:05 in the Breen.  I opened by commenting that I knew that they were wondering why we had assembled them this morning.  You could have heard a pin drop as they waited in anxious anticipation.  I then showed them a brief clip from Dead Poets’ Society where teacher John Keating (Robin Williams) tells them to rip out the introduction to their poetry anthology.  I proceeded to tell them that we were ripping out the regular schedule for them today and there was a puzzled but audible sigh of relief.  Rory then got them rolling with his bon mots.
The day moved along flawlessly and concluded with a class picture in the Wasmer Field stands, a final blessing, and the singing of our Alma Mater.
I think that this may be one of their memorable class memories.  Thanks again to all those who made it so successful.

p.s.  Can you believe that Rory Hennessey had never seen Ferris Buehler’s Day Off until today?  No wonder he let it be shown today.”