Mr. Bradesca plans return to classroom

After eight years in his role of principal, Mr. Bradesca will teach English again

By Jack Slemenda ‘21

Being principal at Saint Ignatius High School is no easy task. From giving us days off for random power outages, to making it his own priority that we all are safe on campus, Mr. Bradesca has been there for us the whole way through.

Like all good things, his leadership must unfortunately come to an end. One of Mr. Bradesca’s core beliefs is that all administrators can’t forget that they are “teachers at heart.” In his own words, “new administers need to come in to provide new faces and new ideas.”

“I agreed to take the job knowing one day I would return to teaching.” Now seemed like the perfect time for Mr. Bradesca to return to a less intense position in teaching. With one son now a freshman and the other in seventh grade, it was time, as a father, to step back. He said, “I’d rather be on the sidelines than in the trenches for the time my kids are in high school.”

Mr. Bradesca is not totally sure what role he will assume in the English Department as that is up to chairman Mr. Gallagher, but he looks forward to whatever it may be. As of right now he will continue to teach his English classes as usual and maintain the principal position until the next one is chosen.

As for who the next person for the job is, Mr. Bradesca hasn’t a clue but he does have faith they will do their very best for the Saint Ignatius community. From the student body and The Eye, thank you, Mr. Bradesca, for all your dedication and accomplishments as principal.