Buried Memories: A time capsule on our campus


A Saint Ignatius High School student will spend 4 years of his life getting to know his classmates, teachers, and accomplishments of the school. If you would ask him what was the latest news at the school, he would be able to go on for a long period of time about our latest sporting event success, new service accomplishment, new addition to the school campus, or just some healthy school gossip news. He would know everything about the school at that time. What we often fail to recognize is Saint Ignatius High School is an ever-changing place that is shaped by the students and time period it is in. So, a student now may not be able to tell you what the school was like decades ago, let alone tell you with great accuracy what the school will be in the future. This is where a time capsule comes in.

With the Marian Mall nearing completion, the Director of Plant Services, Mr. Hendler, proposed an idea to the Student Senate to create a time capsule buried in the new part of the campus. The Student Senate assembled a team of about 12 or so and got started.

The capsule is said to encompass the life of an average student here at our school in 2017. Its contents are varied, with everyone able to find something appealing or that their interests can relate to. It contains pamphlets from service events and sporting events and flyers from art shows and the musical productions put on at the school. Also located in it are state and national championship shirts that commemorate our dominant sports teams. Another addition is current U.S. money, to see if the currency changes in years to come. A campus map was also included, to see how our campus will have changed when the time capsule is opened.

This new addition to our campus was buried in the Marian Mall on Monday, April 3rd. It will be dug up in 50 years on Alumni Weekend 2067. The planning and execution of this project took about a year to complete, so credit to the students who got this done.

The capsule was buried in order to see how Ignatius changes in the coming years. Student Senate President Ryan Mullen, who played a role in this project, said “It was super cool to be a part of something like this, something that future generations will be able to look at and admire, and hopefully one day my kids and grandkids will be able to do the same.”