Think before you throw

Administration introduces new recycling and waste initiative



All students and faculty at Saint Ignatius are called upon by Pope Francis to care for the world around us. The Saint Ignatius community is responding to that call by implementing a new, revised recycling program. Although the new system is more complicated and causes students to “think before they throw”, it is truly essential in preserving our community.

The recycling system requires sorting trash as opposed to throwing it all in one can, but it is not overly complicated. Based on Mr. Evan’s email to all students, the trash produced is divided into two main categories, productive and nonproductive. Productive waste, which includes compost and recycling, not only is used to create new objects, but also benefits the community in some way.

Fruits, vegetables, and ever popular eggshells are all compostable. Compost is made into fertile soil, which is then distributed among the community, including Zivoder Garden. Recyclables, such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and milk cartons, are brought to a recycling center in Dover, where they are later sorted and put to use. Nonproductive waste is sent to the landfill. Any plastic wrappers, bags, and contaminated plates or napkins fit the category of landfill. This is later brought to a local landfill by truck. Informational signs are placed above each trash bin to help students distinguish where their trash should be placed, and administration claims that this new trash system is much more helpful to the environment than the previous.

All students are encouraged to properly use the system by cleaning up after themselves and placing their trash in the correct bin. By participating in such a simple initiative and putting forth a bit more effort, students are able to contribute in the process of preserving the world in which we live.