Senioritis is ‘prevalent’ and ‘spreading’ at Ignatius, Pryatel, Deegan say

Scoffed upon in prior years, senioritis returns to haunt Class of 2016

Seniors put their feet up during a free period. Photo Credit: Phil Massouh ‘16


Senior year is typically defined by a rigorous first semester, college acceptances, and finally a relaxing and carefree second semester. Students across the nation tend to say that these lazy second semester seniors have “senioritis.” Merriam-Webster defines senioritis as “an ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences, and lower grades.” But how prominent is senioritis at Saint Ignatius High School?

Take James Pryatel ‘16 for example. James has worked for 7 straight semesters, doing his homework, studying for tests, and paying attention in class. But after his admittance into various universities, James has changed his work ethic at school. “I rarely open my backpack at home ever since getting into college,” says James. He has begun doing more and more homework during his free periods the day that his assignments are due rather than finishing them up the night before.

Before school, James has begun reading the chapter summaries on Sparknotes instead of the actual chapters themselves. “I leave school immediately at 2:05 and I’m home around 2:25. From then, I watch Netflix until about 4:15 because my mom comes home from work at 4:20,” says James. James says that he then opens his bookbag and takes out random books to make it appear like he has been doing his homework for the past two hours. After a few minutes of “studying” while his mom is in the room, James usually goes to “work on his essay” in his basement, where he continues to watch more Netflix. Following dinner with his family, he spends the rest of his night watching the Cavs or Blue Jackets and then going to his bedroom at around 9:30.

I have a book sprawled out on my bed because I’m ‘reading’ but that’s just or when I hear my mom coming to my room.

James says, “I have a book sprawled out on my bed because I’m ‘reading’ but that’s just or when I hear my mom coming to my room.” To no surprise, James ends his nights with another couple hours of Netflix, usually finding himself falling asleep past midnight. “I will complain the next day at school how I’m too tired and don’t get enough sleep even though it’s 100% my fault,” admits James.

Although James is just one specific example of the effects of senioritis, it still seems to consume most second semester seniors. James and other seniors seem to believe that senioritis is not negatively affecting them. He states, “Everyone has it and it’s different for everyone. We’ve worked 3.5 years to this point, and majority of us are in college. Our grades are basically irrelevant as long as we don’t fail. I believe it’s what we are entitled to for our previous years of hard work. We go to a high school that challenges us everyday, and it’s nice to know that it’s not necessary to stress out over homework anymore.”

Seniors across Ignatius truly have begun to follow the mentality, “Due tomorrow, do tomorrow.”