Hey Ignatius:
The Eye needs your support

Tired of hearing ‘There’s always next year’? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

I can’t guarantee you an Indians World Series appearance or a Browns Super Bowl win. It would be awesome if I could. But I can guarantee you this: this year belongs to The Eye. That is, if you choose to answer the call.

As Editor in Chief, I am prepared to give my heart and soul to this newspaper. I believe we can produce a newspaper we can all be proud of, a paper we will be proud of 50 years from now. We have already begun to work towards this goal. The moderators and the entire Eye staff worked hard to bring you the finished product. The newspaper you hold in your hands is a result of our work– during freeĀ  periods, weekdays after school, and weekends.

Ignatius teaches us to strive for \”magis”