Endowment fund reaches all-time high


by Alastair Pearson '14

Improving market leads to record gains for school’s most misunderstood asset

Matt Waldeck ’02: The journey of a “storyteller”


by Dominic Gideon '14

Ambitious, young, and eager to expand his horizons, Matthew Waldeck ‘02 made a leap far from the Ignatius bubble.

Dumbledore no more: Principal Corrigan to step down in 2012

After nine years at the helm, Corrigan aims to return to the classroom By LUCAS MATHESON '12 After nine years of devoted service as Principal, Mr....

Pun of the Week #28

Bonjour!!!! Hola!!!! Aloha!!!! John/Juan/Jean here for Puns of the Week #28!!!!! (: Proud to say that this has been an amazingly awesome World Languages Week! So...

In the fight of his life, Theology teacher Jim Skerl finds...


by Sean Koehler ‘16

This past February, Mr. Skerl was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The diagnosis came as a shock to Skerl, whose active and healthy lifestyle included riding his bicycle to school most days of the year. Adding to that shock was a grim reality: Pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to cure.

Marian Mall expansion will begin over Easter Break, ready by Fall...

The focal point of the project will be the addition of a prayer grotto in honor of Dr. Michael Pennock ‘64 and Mr. Jim Skerl ‘74. Both were beloved members of the Ignatius Theology Department.

“Missing” Phys Ed course leads adminstration to offer alternative paths to...

The addition of Freshman-level Biology to the school curriculum in 2013 has led to some unexpected impacts on the Physical Education Department. Current sophomores and juniors are short on P.E. credits. The State of Ohio requires two semesters of Physical Education. Students in the class of 2017 and 2018 have only take one.

Mass of the Holy Spirit is a tradition shared by others

The Mass of the Holy Spirit has a wonderful history that Ignatius students may not realize. Within the opening week of school, tens-of-thousands other Jesuit students are cramming into their own spaces to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit at cathedrals, local parishes, and school gymnasiums.

Speech and Debate garners more success

With an astounding eleven students being sent to the state tournament for the 2016 season, this year’s speech and debate team has thrived with academic excellence. The one-on-one assistance of Mr. Fujimoto and Mr. Buzzelli has allowed these students to continue their development as communicators and debaters throughout the progression of the season.

Twitter VP of Sales, Jeff Dejelo ‘95, speaks to seniors about...


by Kevin Deegan ‘16

On Friday November 13, the majority of the senior class gathered in the Breen Center to listen to successful alumni Jeff Dejelo ‘95, Vice President of Sales at Twitter.