Diplocats bring back 3 awards from VAMUN

The 49 JCWA delegates traveled to the University of Virginia on November 17-20 for their first conference of the year. At the 36th VAMUN conference, they each represented politicians or world leaders in different committees. Some of the committees include the Indian Parliament, the Aztec Empire, the Constitutional Convention, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Alice Training: A proactive approach

On Friday, November 18, the school gathered in the Fr. Sullivan Gymnasium to talk about ALICE, a program that will help students and adults keep the school safe in the case of an emergency.

Election Results: Trump takes Ignatius

In the 2016 mock election, Saint Ignatius High School students overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump. Trump took almost 57% of the vote, with the next closest candidate, Hillary Clinton, not even close at 26.5%.

The aftermath of summer gym

Over the summer, St. Ignatius added a new class to its list of summer school courses. Summer gym sessions were set up, as the senior and junior classes both were short on PE requirements, causing the logistical problem of trying to get anyone who did not meet the sport exemption into a class period.

Marian Mall in remembrance of Skerl and Pennock to be finished...

There is no one who would deny that Mr. Jim Skerl ‘74 completely changed the way Saint Ignatius High School is viewed by the community. Thus, members of the Saint Ignatius community have taken it upon themselves to continue to build the relationship he had nurtured so well. They are doing this not only by growing the service initiatives he started, but also by building a space for the community dedicated to the lives of two men that truly exemplified what it means to be a Man for Others.

Breen’s hosting of The Daily Show a success

Over the summer, the Breen Center hosted Comedy Central’s The Daily Show during the Republican National Convention. Originally scheduled for one week of preparation and another for broadcasting, the event took an extra week of setup and cleanup making it about a four week period. The show brought about 120 members of staff, and on the day before broadcasting began, around 175 people were working at the Breen.

Teachers team up to tackle personal finance education

Mr. Dan Hess ‘88 of the History Department has been teaching economics to the students of Saint Ignatius High School for many years. Being knowledgeable of how businesses and economies operate, Mr. Hess teamed up with the tech-savvy Mr. Jarc to create an online Personal Finance Course.

Rade stage no more: Jesuit world map coming to dining hall...

Last spring, students making their way to Rade Dining Hall passed signs that read “Danger! Do Not Enter” due to the renovations on the stage in Rade Dining Hall. The former home of the rap battles and Christmas Food Drive is now only a memory for Ignatius students. What happened to the historic Rade Dining Hall stage? It has been turned into an efficient storage facility.

Restaurant Review: Johnny Mango World Cafe and Bar

Johnny Mango isn’t your typical restaurant. It’s a trendy, upward spot that breaks from the norm. It fits into a common trend in the Ohio City area, where restaurants tend to represent the wide variation of cultures available in Ohio City.

Pun of the Week #28

Bonjour!!!! Hola!!!! Aloha!!!! John/Juan/Jean here for Puns of the Week #28!!!!! (: Proud to say that this has been an amazingly awesome World Languages Week! So...