All You Need to Know About This Year’s Homecoming

By Bryce Whittier ’24

After the lack of events from COVID-19 last year, homecoming has finally returned to this school year’s major function list. Since no Freshmen or Sophomores have ever actually gone to an Ignatius homecoming, this will be the first one for half the school! Because of this, the school administration and Student Senate have made sure to spend hours of their time preparing it to make it a remarkable homecoming.

The theme for this year’s homecoming, as voted by the student body, is “Ohio City Hootenanny”. Some of the activities that will be there are all themed like various carnival games. Additionally, the entire student body will have a spirit week leading up to homecoming night. This will include a special dress-down day for each student class. Monday for Freshmen, Tuesday for Sophomores, Wednesday for Juniors, Thursday for Seniors, and Friday for the entire school. These dress-down days will be told to each class as the week approaches. Plans have also been put in to disperse classes, having the Freshmen and Sophomores in the MAC, the Juniors in Murphy Gym, and the Seniors in Sullivan Gym. Apparently, rumor has it that there will be some Mitchell’s Ice Cream present there as well.

While the administration did postpone Homecoming, the main reason for this was to allow time for locations to open up on campus. The administration wants to make one thing clear, and that is they do not want to cancel homecoming if possible. The planners of homecoming want to re-establish the tradition of the event and have spent their time making sure it can happen and not be postponed or canceled again. There is much to look forward to for this year’s homecoming, make sure to stay tuned for more information as the event approaches.