Relocation of Offices in Loyola Hall

By Aidan Oliss ’23

While roaming through Loyola Hall you may have noticed the disappearance of many of the prominent offices which were once located there. You may have even asked yourself where, when, and why these offices have moved. The answers to these questions are more complex than you might think. This change was necessary to improve the quality, presence, and effectiveness of the offices that have moved, and also to create a more efficient and organized environment.

With these changes, new students and visitors will have an easier time navigating through the campus. Moreover, Campus Ministry and Theology, offices with similar missions, are brought together by the change so they can collaborate easier and more effectively to achieve the school’s goals of faith formation and social justice. The faculty and staff working within these offices can expect a much cleaner and newly remodeled atmosphere which will promote a better work life for them. 

The people within these new offices approve. The spirit ambassador from the Wildcat Team Shop, for example, described the Team Shop as “loving the new area and the more space.” Although she acknowledged the move is challenging, she said it has not negatively affected them. Instead, she explained that the move has been positive because the change of scenery has kept the store a happy place and offers more opportunities for students to congregate during the activities period. Mr. Martin, the Assistant Principal for Student Life, also described the move as positive, stating that the move has made it easier for Theology and Campus Ministry to collaborate and has allowed for increased productivity.

However, what will happen with the area leftover in Loyola Hall? 

To find out, we asked Mr. Pacetti. He described the future construction and renovation of this area, stating that it would be a place where “faith, service, and justice efforts can come together under one roof” and also “there will be great collaboration opportunities and in faith promotion and justice institutions… This is a major investment into really empowering our students in our mission.”  Mr. Pacetti also shared some images of what will be the new area on the first floor of Loyola Hall that, he says, will likely become reality by January 2022. 

Well-developed office and campus space is key to having an appealing and welcoming campus. The campus is, after all, a second home to students, faculty, and staff. Improved surroundings could even inspire students to want to make their own positive changes. As you continue on throughout your day consider ways you might be able to make Saint Ignatius better and more welcoming for others. This potential for change goes beyond molding physical changes to the campus but also extends to finding new ways to grow, mature, and change as we seek to better serve as men for others.