Your Guide to More than 20 Saint Ignatius High School Instagram Accounts

By Bryce Whittier ‘24 

The Saint Ignatius High School community has a lot of great Instagram accounts. With the many sports, clubs, and other activities at Ignatius, many have their own dedicated accounts. This is a guide to help you know which ones will give you the information and content you are looking for. All stats were taken at the time of publishing, February 23. All accounts listed have posted at least once in the past year (with one exception) and are ranked in follower amount in their respective categories.


Main Accounts:

1. @sihscleveland – The main official Instagram account (8,744 followers)

This account has just about everything you need to know, from events to sports to academics, it is the jack of all trades. With many important events, daily announcements, and many other posts, it makes this account a must-have in your following.


2. @sihsathletics – The main official sports Instagram account (7,261 followers)

This account has all you need to know about the sports at Ignatius. With 2,785 posts, the sports account by far has the most posts and second most followers, also making it a must-have in your following.


3. @sihswildcatshop – The official Bookstore Instagram account (1,603 followers)

This account is for the bookstore that every student loves. It has store hours, products, and even the occasional deals. If you are interested in purchasing Ignatius merchandise, this is the account.


4. @sihsministry – The official campus ministry Instagram account (595 followers)

Much of the important religious information for Saint Ignatius can be found in this account, an important follow for all Ignatius students.


5. @sihscdining – The official campus dining Instagram account (348 followers)

Food highlights, weekly lunch menus, and announcements, no reason not to follow this account if you order food at Ignatius.


6. @sihsdiversityandinclusion – The official diversity and inclusion department Instagram account (220 followers)

With all the important information regarding cultural celebration and information, a must-follow account for all students.


Sports Accounts

1. @sihsbasketball – The main official basketball Instagram account – (1,240 followers)

If you play, enjoy watching, and/or interested in the basketball teams at Ignatius, this account is for you. With every game, score, and some of the players, this account will have everything you need. 


 2. @sihsrowing  – The main official rowing Instagram account – (1,116 followers)

Awesome photos, updates, and team/individual recognition, this account has all your rowing needs.


 3. @sihslacrosse – The main official lacrosse Instagram account – (1,075 followers)

With game schedules and many features of players, this is the main account for all your lacrosse needs. 


4. @saintignatiushockey – The official hockey Instagram account – (791 followers)

If you play, enjoy, and/or interested in the hockey teams at Ignatius, this account is for you. Player recognition, games, scores,  and more, this account has everything you will need.


5. @sihs_baseball – The main official baseball Instagram account – (769 followers)

The Ignatius baseball account is full of player recognition and important events, a must-follow for all baseball players.


6. @sihs_strength – The main official strength and conditioning Instagram account – (710 followers)

Simply a must-follow for all student-athletes. There is no reason not to follow this account. 


7. @sihslacrossevarsityblue – Saint Ignatius High School Varsity Blue Lacrosse Team – (300 followers) 

Features upcoming schedules, gear, team pictures, and short video clips from games and tryouts, but is not incredibly active.


8. @sihsvolleyball – The main official volleyball Instagram account – (302 Followers)

Player/team recognition and game day results, a must-follow for all volleyball players.


Clubs and Organizations

1. @sihseye – The main official school newspaper Instagram account – (458 followers)

An outlet for important school news and other information, an important Instagram account to follow to stay up-to-date for school information.


2. @sihsstudentsenate – The main official student senate Instagram account – (373 followers)

School updates, news, and student life events, another must follow to stay up to date on student events at Ignatius.


3. @sihsforum – The main official political forum Instagram account – (118 followers)

Many polls for all your political discussion needs, a great follow for anyone interested in political discussion.


4. @sihschorus – The main official chorus Instagram account – (63 followers)

Posts over the Ignatius chorus program, a great follow for anyone interested in the chorus program.


5. @sihsmband – The Instagram account of the marching band – (56 followers) 

Has not been active since 2015, but it features pictures of the marching band doing various events including sporting events, St. Patrick’s Day marches, and more. Perhaps if enough students follow it will be revived!


Classes of Students

1. @sihs2020 – Saint Ignatius Class of 2020 – (509 followers) 

An account that featured seniors in the class of 2020 and their intended colleges and majors which has not been active since last spring, but is still followed by many and is an archive of old college decisions.


2. @ignatius.2021 – Saint Ignatius Class of 2021 – (317 Followers) 

An account featuring current seniors in the class of 2021 and their intended colleges and majors. Active and growing with people curious to see where Seniors are deciding to go.



There are no bad Ignatius Instagram accounts to follow. Each one is tailored to a specific audience and will give you the information you need. This guide should help clarify which one gives you what and may have shown some accounts you did not know about.