Update: Christmas Food and Toy Drives

The 84th annual Rini Family Christmas Food Drive will continue this year despite COVID-19 and a transition to online school through Thanksgiving break.

A change to what the Christmas Food Drive has been in the past is that all food donations are going to the Arrupe House. All students still need to bring in four cans and four dollars. All preparation for the food drive has been changed to allow COVID-19-friendly practices, such as sanitizing the canned food as it comes in and proper social distancing for assembling the boxes. When it comes down to it, this is still the Christmas Food Drive. As long as everyone makes sure to use common sense and proper COVID-19 policies, this will be a just-as-effective food drive as in the past, even in these challenging times.

Additionally, the Student Senate Christmas Toy Drive will happen in conjunction with the food drive.

Students and parents should see their emails for more information on what to give and when and where to give it. Together, we can help others end this difficult year on a bright, hopeful note.