Orientation Day this year was altered to address safety concerns

By Darien Kulchytsky ‘21

March 12. The day the world was turned upside down. Everything we considered “normal” was vastly changed. A quarantine was put in place. Social distancing measures were set. And until now, the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak have affected every part of our lives. 

Welcome, everybody, to the 2020 school year. My name is Darien Kulchytsky, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Eye this year, our student newspaper. Though COVID has attempted to stop us from attending school this fall, I’m thankful we are able to be on campus. I, for one, am excited for the year ahead. After all, it is a year like no other. Although our school year looks a bit different, I feel it’s time to look beyond the problems and begin to adapt to the COVID world around us.

We can start this by asking the question: “Where do we go from here?” For four weeks now, we have barreled through our A and B schedule and have had much success. COVID case numbers at school continue to decline, with only one case over the last three weeks, and it is up to us to continue this trend. But how to set up a sense of normalcy with a schedule far from normal? The answer lies in setting up a daily routine. 

This means establishing a similar wake up time on both days, even if you don’t go to school until 12. It also means going to bed earlier than we are used to. During the quarantine and summer, I’m sure people stayed up until 3am every night ( myself included). Now that we are back in the groove of things, it is important that we get 8 hours of sleep while waking up early.

Other than sleep, we should keep doing the things we love. Hobbies, extracurriculars and social events are of utmost significance, keeping us happy, grounded, and interested. A lack of this leads to boredom and lethargy. To counter this, surround yourself with your hobbies, or find a new hobby. Learn Morse Code, a new language, cooking or even TikTok dances. We should all have something that relaxes us and makes us happy. Do not fret if you can not find a hobby. There are plenty of opportunities at Ignatius to join new clubs and find your passion. These are what set us apart from others, our passions. In the words of St.Ignatius, we are called to “go forth, and set the world on fire.” 

Finally, keeping our mental health in good shape is key in our lives. Many people during the quarantine began to feel sad or anxious in some way, as all their activities had been canceled. To combat this, even now, remind yourself of how lucky you are to be going to school (others are virtual) and of your family’s safety. Talk to your friends about how they’re feeling. Keeping the mind occupied and happy is your task, and if you’re ever down, find a teacher or counselor who is willing to help. 

So there’s my advice for this wonky school year. We live in uncertain times, and one day could impact our future. Make sure to stay safe, Saint Ignatius. God bless and have a great school year.