Parking garage not an option

By Connor Geary ‘21

While most students dream of building a parking garage on the senior lot, the administration of Saint Ignatius has other plans. The pros of the garage would be quick parking for all licensed Saint Ignatius drivers (not just seniors) as well as safer parking. This would get rid of the worry to find a parking spot and walking to school before the first bell. The cons of this project would, according to Mr. Bradesca, be financing. “A parking garage is extremely expensive. If we are going to spend that much money, we need to spend it on something that will effectively contribute to the students’ academics.”

Instead of a parking garage, the school is focusing on more vital priorities, such as the renovation of Loyola Hall. “The school knows that it eventually will be time to renovate Loyola Hall, but no time has been discussed.” While a parking garage would be admired by all of the students, the average cost is just over 8.5 million dollars. “Why should a parking garage be constructed when we have parking all around Saint Ignatius? On top of the outrageous cost, the City of Cleveland needs to approve this building project. The approval process is tedious and involves inspections and requirements,” he says.

In reality, a parking garage will not benefit the students’ academics at Saint Ignatius High School, which is part of the mission of this college preparatory school.