Playlist of The Week 2.5

Okay Okay… I might be a tad bit late on this one

But! I was on Kairos…

Any ways, here’s Playlist of The Week S2.E5

Expect to see S2.E6 later this week to make up for it


  • The House by Air Traffic Controller
  • Chop Suey by Brother Son
  • Every Single Night by password:password
  • Inside My Head by SUGR?
  • Slide by Beeef
  • Will It Last by sløwly
  • Lonely Loner Friends by Gestures & Sounds
  • Cherry by RALLY
  • GET UP by Describer
  • Daddy Dookie Brown by Mustard Service
  • Still Loving You by Mahogany Purple
  • Jackie’s 15 by Jordana
  • Love in a Modern Age by The Velveteins
  • Rothko by Kid Jupiter
  • Trash by Oscar Lang
  • Burial by Baby FuzZ
  • Get to You by The Honeysticks, Ricky Montgomery
  • Hurt So Bad by The Technicolors
  • Day Without You by Keep for Cheap
  • I Keep My Eyes Closed by Cannibal Kids