Letter from Editor McCafferty

By Terry McCafferty ‘22

After a long summer vacation, to some, coming back to school feels like the unfortunate end of a time with less work, stress, and responsibility. But others manage to see the beginning of a new school year as yet another chance to accomplish their unmet and unachieved goals of past years from making it to more morning lifts to getting a higher GPA. With this perspective, the new beginning has limitless potential just waiting to be capitalized on.

This opportunity to set ourselves up for greater success in the future is one that The Eye will be effectuating this year. In the past, The Eye has come up short in areas such as timeliness or ensuring the prestige of the content and quality.

However, this year The Eye’s team will be progressing on a different path toward a brighter future as we begin the next chapter in The Eye’s rich history.

Under new leadership, we have a renewed desire to bring you a wider array of informative and interesting articles and features. The Eye will be bringing back ‘Man on the Mall’, conducting additional compelling student body polls, and seeking to find out what the community likes to see in the paper. You can help us bring you relevant content by taking our survey found here.

In this effort to better serve the St. Ignatius community, The Eye’s small dedicated group of writers and editors will also be looking to bring on fresh talent to our team. On that note, all students are invited to write or edit for The Eye, and while regular writers are key to our success, any level of commitment is welcome.

Send us an email at eye@ignatius.edu to join up and get started. If you have a strong informed opinion that you would like to share about anything, write up a short oped and email it to us and you can count on us to share your thoughts with the school. The Eye is your school newspaper and as always, our top priority is your satisfaction. But what will change is our strengthening dedication to follow through to the best of our ability.

This is an important year of potential for many at St. Ignatius and all of us–including the growing team of The Eye. Let’s make it the best year possible starting with setting our own goals of taking on bigger challenges. We can do it.