The Common Period: Common sense or common pain?


The common period schedule, a common occurrence here at Saint Ignatius, is something much loved by some and fervently despised by others. In my opinion, the common period is something that brings more benefits than downsides.

One of the downsides can be clearly seen in the delayed start on Friday the 6th. Certain classes were required to come to school early to complete an activity that would normally take place during a common period. Without the common period, we might be forced to stay late after school or come in early in order to complete the various activities during a common period.

However, the common period isnโ€™t without flaws. The long interruption it creates during the day can make the day feel as if it is dragging on forever. On the other hand, the common period also does manage to break up the weekly grind by adding a special day of shortened classes to the week, which is always appreciated. The common period is something always highly anticipated and coveted here at Saint Ignatius, and in my opinion, it is one of the many positives of attending this school.