Playlist of The Week #19


It’s almost Spring Break. Just a little bit longer.

So, here’s a few songs to held tide you over this week.


  • Two Broken Hearts by Rivers Cuomo
  • Check Please by Trash Panda
  • Music Was the Language from When I Mattered by Herzog (guitarist Nick Tolar is from the class of 2000)
  • Jiffy Jane by New Hollow
  • Golden Brown by The Guru
  • Hairspray by Nodaway
  • Someone to Love by Atomic Tom
  • Worlds on Fire by Zerbin
  • Texas by Magic Man
  • Sweet Tangerine by The Hush Sound
  • Sun Shy by Dresses
  • Ride Away by Opposite the Other
  • High As A Kite by Weezer
  • Pretty Face by PUBLIC
  • Destruction by Joywave
  • A Night on the Town by The Dear Hunter
  • Cold War by The Rocket Summer
  • Small Talk by Call Security
  • Fascination Street by The Cure
  • Into The Black by The Chromatics