Playlist of The Week #12


Hey look at that! There’s a cover for these playlists now!

There’s now something consistent across all of these playlists . . .

Well… Enjoy week 12!


  • Bowling by Brother Moses
  • Limo 4 Emos by Watsky
  • Let’s Talk About Feelings by Joywave
  • Sofia… by Leland Blue
  • Brian Wilson Is My Dad by Breakup Shoes
  • Lie Lie Lie by Sure Sure
  • Creatures by Glass House Point
  • Break My Fall by Doc Robinson
  • Constantinople by Fishing in Japan
  • didya think by Arlie
  • Nicotine Dream by Breakup Shoes
  • Chicago by Flipturn
  • All For You by Night Riots
  • Magnolia by The Essentialists
  • Younger by The Hails
  • Adderall by Max Frost
  • Wavy Gravy by Okey Dokey
  • Silhouettes by Colony House
  • A Toast and a Spirit by Vacation Manor
  • Bob Marley by Grizfolk