Fantasy Football


By Norman Slemenda ‘21

We are currently in the midst of fantasy football season at Saint Ignatius High School. Many students have different opinions on the ideal team. One example of this is Mark Ruddy’s (‘21) three main players. Mark would have his quarterback as Patrick Mahomes for the sole purpose of multiple 30+ point weeks. For wide receiver, Adam Thielen was the pick since Thielen already has 800+ total yards. At the running back position, Ruddy selected Kareem Hunt be- cause of the “cheer for the local guy” aspect and Hunt’s average 4.6 yards per carry.

Every league varies in rules, some being PPR (points per reception) and others standard. This affects where players get drafted as well as how players perform each week. JP Tijanich ‘21 plays in a standard league and drops players one week and picks them up the next when they are hot again. Mcrey Socha ‘21 plays in a PPR league and makes sure to draft a quarterback and wide receiver duo to put up big points on his opponents. As the season heads into week eleven, records are becoming very important in whether or not participants make the playoffs.

To all fantasy players, good luck!