Christmas Music: Before or After Thanksgiving?

By Daniel Vrablic ‘20

At this time, we are already beginning to see a variety of different Christmas decorations and accessories in stores. We start seeing a lot of Chevy and Ford car commercials that have that magic “christmas jingle” that is played in the background. This jingle presumably is from the sound of shaking shiny, small jingle bells. Lastly, we begin to hear the Christmas music start to be played on 102.1 radio. All of this we see and hear before Thanksgiving is over. Some people embrace this Christmas culture before Thanksgiving and others simply stiff arm the Christmas culture until after. So with this being said, should Christmas music be played before or after Thanksgiving?

First, it is incredibly important to understand the meaning and celebration of Christmas: to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was sent from God to set us free from the bondage of original sin and save us from death. With this in mind, the Christmas songs that we hear played on 102.1 FM embody the spirit to celebrate the very birth of Christ such as Away in a Manger, Mar y Did you Know, the First Noel, and many others. These very songs prepare our hearts for the coming of our Christ, for it says in Luke Chapter 12 to be “dressed servants” waiting for the time of the Lord.

As the various Christmas songs played prepare us for the coming of the time of the Lord, why would anyone want to deny being ready for the coming of the Lord and spread the good news of his birth to others? By enabling others to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, a strong foundation of Christmas spirit is already sparked in early to mid November. This allows for the spreading of Christmas spirit and preparing from the birth of the Lord in which allows us to embrace the light of Christ in which is mirrored from the very shiny jingle bells that encapsulate the various Christmas songs we listen to. For our friend Buddy from Elf says it best: “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Hopefully we can embrace the wisdom of Buddy and vivaciously spread Christmas spirit around campus at Saint Ignatius High School.