Campus safety update

By Alec Stimac ‘19

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Mr. Richard Klingshirn, Vice President of Operations and Chief Financial Officer, about the updated campus security and safety protocols and devices found around the grounds of Saint Ignatius High School. Many of these current improvements have been made through both the leadership of Mr. Klingshirn and Officer Diaz alongside the Cleveland Police Department this past summer.

Not only do these updates reflect our preparedness as a school for a plethora of different scenarios and situations, especially with all the drills we continually practice, but shows the schools devotion to protecting its student body, faculty, and staff. New additions to campus security include off-duty Cleveland police on campus at all times, a safety gate between Rade Dining Hall and the Senior Lounge, and an electronic locking system. All the exit doors are easy to lockdown. By pushing one of four different buttons, the exterior doors of each campus building can be locked remotely. While many students won’t notice all the updates, it is important to have them there and the effort put forth by the school should be applauded.

Additionally, a Safety Club was formed for people interested in going into a public service career such as the FBI or police force.