Student Senate candidate statements: President and Vice President

1Matt Hutchinson (P) and Eric Larsen (VP)

Men of Ignatius,

I want to be your President because I believe that here at Saint Ignatius, we have a culture of excellence. This school can be demanding at times, but it’s in these high expectations that we are at our best. As we look towards the future, we must adapt and change our school for the better. We go to one of the best schools in the country and we have had many, many good years in our history. I am asking for your vote today because if you elect Matt Hutchinson and Eric Larsen, next year WILL BE our best year yet.

2Dillion Gallagher (P) and Doug Huff (VP)

My name is Dillion Gallagher, and I am running for Student Senate President with one of my best friends, Doug Huff, as my Vice President. When preparing for this election, Doug and I were considering what we could truly bring to the Student Body. We decided that the best things we could deliver were our ideas and our drive to get them done. However, we are also committed to putting our time, effort, and energy behind real ideas that can solve real problems for the Student Body. We are committed to real change for Saint Ignatius.