When to listen to Christmas music


When the clocks strikes twelve on Halloween night, it means it is time for the annual debate: when does one “legally” play Christmas music? Every year this question is brought up, causing heated arguments that have broken friendships and families. However, no clear answer has ever been decided. During November? During Thanksgiving break? The day after Thanksgiving? December 1st? So when is it socially acceptable to listen your favorite songs for the best time of the year?

It is no question that Christmas music is the best genre. All singers and bands have their own covers and Christmas albums, contributing to the seasonal festivities. Thus, one is not missing out by listening to Christmas music, because both the songs and the artists are so diverse that anyone can be pleased. This is what makes Christmas music so good— its versatility and adaptability. So why not listen to it sooner rather than later? As a result, I believe that Christmas music should be introduced during the week of Thanksgiving break. After a slow introduction, Christmas music will then get spotlighted after Thanksgiving. This gives everyone more time to listen to the best music, and so that people do not have to feel that they missed out and wish they listened to more Christmas music before it was too late.

However, Bennett Kavlick ‘18 disagrees. “It should be started December 1st. Over three weeks is perfectly enough time to enjoy it. If you overdo something, it loses its value.”

As for the people that think listening to Christmas music before or during Thanksgiving takes away from it, I simply disagree. If we wait to play Christmas music for after Thanksgiving, that gives us only slightly over three weeks to listen to the best music of the year. That simply does not give enough time to listen.

Best Christmas Songs Ranking:


5. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays – *NSYNC

This song is an absolute sleeper. A young Justin Timberlake brings this song to the next level, making the song uplifting and jolly.

4. Do They Know It’s Christmas Time? – Band Aid

This song is the epitome of the 80s. Featuring the great Phil Collins and Bono, the band highlights the most popular singers at the time, forming their own super team to create a holiday song to remind us of those in need, and they completely accomplished just that.

3. Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town – Bruce Springsteen

It is wonderful to hear The Boss himself cover one of the original Christmas songs, and to say he nailed it is to say the least. In addition, Clarence Clemons destroys it on the sax, adding the final touch to this instant classic.

2. All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

This song is spectacular, we all know it…

1. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Darlene Love

The reason I put this ahead of Mariah Carey is that I receive the same vibe from both songs, however Darlene Love does this 30 years earlier. This is totally unexpected for the time, and changes the game to come.