Record year for Diplocats at VAMUN


On November 17, forty-four St. Ignatius diplomats traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to compete in the 37th Model United Nations Conference at the University of Virginia.  They competed with over 1000 students gathered from around the world in a weekend of intense debate and crisis simulation.  Set on a national stage during one of the most politically divisive times in our nation’s history and in a city which recently witnessed ugly nationalist demonstrations, our students explored ways to creatively and rigorously respond to the the problems of our world.   

This Model UN conference offered over 31 different simulation committees featuring various General Assembly’s responses to international refugee crises as well as other more specialized crisis committees and various historical scenarios. 

The Ignatius team performed very well with nine members receiving awards and recognition.

  • Senior Gabe Oliss for Best Delegate
  • Junior Patrick Condon for Outstanding Delegate
  • Senior Peter Nichols for Honorable Mention
  • Junior Dillion Gallagher for Honorable Mention
  • Junior Martin Hiti for Honorable Mention
  • Junior Greg Kondas for Honorable Mention
  • Sophomore Cerri Yormick for Honorable Mention
  • Sophomore Drew Polito for Verbal Recognition
  • Freshman Sanat Subhash for Verbal Recognition

All delegates shared an experience which helped to build their character and develop skills for making positive change in our world. The Diplocat’s next conference will be at Earlham College on January 26th where they look to continue the success they saw during VAMUN.