“Who would win in a streetfight, LeBron or Mayweather?”

The posed question ringed throughout the campus of Saint Ignatius a fews months back, causing argument after argument, with some getting quite first period physical. The question’s origin began in Mr. Dybicz’s etymology class. From there, the question spread to not just students, but even teachers taking part in the debate.

It seemed among the majority of people that LeBron would prove victorious. This was solidified by Senior Bain Kurtz’s Twitter Poll, which received 416 votes, 74% of which chose Lebron. Many supporters of LeBron argued that his combination of strength, size, and speed would just be too much for Mayweather to handle in a street fight. Their theory was that Lebron could simply charge at Mayweather, and then proceed to pick him up and have his way with him.

Bain Kurtz ‘18 takes the argument to a twitter poll. Screenshot taken from Kurtz’s twitter.

On the other hand, supporters of Mayweather argued that Mayweather’s ability take and give punches would give him the upper hand. Supporters claimed that LeBron would not be able to get ahold of Mayweather as easy as LeBron supporters thought it would be.

Among the students, Ian Flynn was the most vocal supporter for Lebron. When asked about the issue Mr. Flynn simply yelled back at me “Lebron is King!” while remnants of his gluten free sandwich flew throughout the air.

As for Mayweather supporters, the most vocal was Senior Garrett Agronin. There’s no denying the impact this simple question had on the Saint Ignatius student body. Regardless of what people say, we will never know who would win unless it actually happens.